Summa Shorts: “Submarine Sandwich”


A couple of years ago, PES (aka Adam Pesapane) created the shorted Oscar-nominated animated short of all time: “Fresh Guacamole,” clocking in at a svelte (yet amusing and highly-imaginative 1:41.) It didn’t win — that honor went to the wonderful “Paperman” – but it did call attention to its creator’s undeniable talent. So if you haven’t [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “Silent”


Today’s short is a thinly-veiled marketing piece for Dolby. …hang on. Let’s start over… Today’s short film is a flat-out, straight-up ad for Dolby Atmos. Heck, it even includes Dolby in the title: “Dolby Presents: Silent, a Short Film.” And I don’t even care. Because it’s gorgeous. And includes so many wonderful cinematic references, it made my film-snobby hairs stand [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “Lightheaded”


I realize that calling Mike Dacko’s Lightheaded an Advent-themed short film might be a bit of a stretch. But when I returned to it this past weekend (having seen it when it was first released a number of years ago), I found myself thinking surprisingly Adventian thoughts. And not because it involves candles — OK, not just because [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “Steadfast Stanley”


For those among us who have always wondered what will happen to all the cute Corgis when the Apocalypse comes along, here’s John Cody Kim’s “Steadfast Stanley” with the answer to our burning question: Stanley the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is left behind in the outbreak of an apocalypse. All he wants to do is get back to [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “Cymatics: Science Vs. Music”


Now for something (almost) entirely different than my usual Summa Shorts fare: CYMATICS (from Greek: κῦμα “wave”): the study of visible sound; a process for making soundwaves visible; a subset of modal phenomena.  The only thing I love more than this video itself? The fact that all the scientific effects used in the video are real, and they have a “Behind the Scenes” [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “Nebula”


This is a student film. Hang on. Let me repeat that: This is a student film. Calm down. No need to panic. It wasn’t made by a single person, but by a group of students at the French animation school Gobelins: Camille Andre, Marion Bulot, Clément Doranlo, Myriam Fourati, Jonghyun Jungboix, Alexis Kerjosse and Sarah Simon. Actually, the number of its creators doesn’t really diminish its impressiveness [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “The Herbalist”


This one has a gorgeous “painterly” style, even if it’s a bit on the dark side, story-wise. Reminds me of the great Frédéric Back’s “The Man Who Planted Trees,” in some ways. Except way more pessimistic. (Also, you need to watch through the credits, because the reference to the past in the short’s description won’t make [Read More...]

Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact


Rosetta: the ambition to turn science fiction into science fact. Yes, I realize I’m posting a short on back-to-back days, but I just can’t help myself. It’s not so much that it’s a really, really well-made sci-fi short (though that’s not an insignificant selling point). It’s that I can’t remember seeing anything like it before, [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “The Mad Doctor”


Over the weekend, Tom McDonald — fellow Patheotte and an expert on ghosts and Boris Karloff (and also Dark Country Music, but who’s counting?) – pointed me in the direction of the 1933 Disney short, “The Mad Doctor.” I was unfamiliar with it, so I hunted it up on YouTube. And now, I’m sort of freaked out. Which, given the month/time of [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “Katedra”


…The reds, yellows, and blues of Madeleine shine like dawn through the ribs of the Cathedral, everything here is either in shadow or painted with viscous colors. I’ll sit, I’ll quiet my heart. I thought that it would be mainly fear, an animal terror, but I feel only regret now, a great, motionless, heavy regret, [Read More...]