SSF: “A Short Love Story In Stop Motion”


Today’s short film, Carlos Lascano’s “A Short Love Story in Stop Motion,” is more than seven years old. I have absolutely no idea why it’s taken me this long to find it. I love the mixture of mediums; parts of it feel very 3D/physical/claymation-y, and parts of it feel very 2D/ethereal/hand-drawn. And parts of it feel very [Read More...]

SSF: “The OceanMaker”


There’s a new Mad Max film coming out shortly; this weekend, actually. It looks insane. In honor of the (impending) occasion, here’s a Mad Max-inspired short film that’s slightly less insane (but visually splendid and highly imaginative): After the seas have disappeared, a courageous pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last [Read More...]

SSF: “Invention of Love”


What do you get when you cross steampunk with silhouette portraiture (and a bit of Chopin)? You get Andrey Shuskov’s “Invention of Love:” A love story from the world of gears and bolts. Inspired by Lotte Reiniger’s and Michel Ocelot’s works and by Antony Lucas’s Jasper Morello film. Lovely. But also, “Ouch.” The setting, the [Read More...]

SSF: “The Alchemist’s Letter”


A few months back, I saw some promising publicity on/artwork from a short film called “The Alchemist’s Letter.” But since the short itself was not yet available, I put it in my “Draft-and-Follow” folder for a later date. Today (at long last), I can happily report that your patience — which you probably did not even [Read More...]

SSF: “Wanderers”


Having recently watched Interstellar (and re-watched “Ambition”), I am reminded of Erik Wernquist’s Webby-nominated short, “Wanderers.” I especially like the way he includes a humanizing element in nearly every sequence, to give us a sense of scale and emotional impact. And the final shot is fantastic. (Also, be sure to visit the gallery on Erik’s “Wanderers” mini-site, where [Read More...]

Best Miyazaki Tribute Ever?


I’m not saying this is the best Miyazaki tribute I’ve ever seen… …but I’m not saying it’s not. Girls and Guys from Summits and Skies Project: A trailer for a 2D animated sci-fi/adventure feature Pitch: A young boy who lives in a village perched on a huge tree falls in the depths of the forest [Read More...]

SSF: “Simulacra”


I’m not quite sure what the term “mustardcuffins” means. Or if it describes Theo Tagholm in any way. So I’m going with “genius” instead. Works just fine, I’m thinking. Yes, it’s a bit of a one-trick pony, so you’ll probably understand what’s going on fairly quickly. But it still feels amazing, even after you understand. The freeway stuff, in particular, [Read More...]

SSF: “Hart’s Desire”


I can sympathize with either one of these guys, depending on the moment. (Also, I love the way it uses the expanding and contracting windows/frames/panels.) An aspiring hermit, an aspiring socialite and a shared flask of tea. Written, directed and animated by Gavin C. Robinson; music composed and performed by Mike Vass; sound by Keith [Read More...]

SSF: “Kaboom!”


Well, this is sure fun. And if you can watch it without thinking of Marvin the Martian, you’re more disciplined/less distractible than I. (Yes, we probably already knew that to be the case, so let’s just consider this additional evidence, shall we?) This Op-Doc video takes a look at Rich and Dee Gibson, a quirky couple who have [Read More...]

SSF: “Head Over Heels”


In early 2013, director Timothy Reckart’s wonderful stop-motion short, Head Over Heels, was part of a ridiculously good class of Best Animated Short nominations at the 85th Academy Awards. John Kahrs’ Paperman (the clear front-runner in the days leading up to the show and the eventual winner) remains the most widely-known of that year’s offerings, while Minkyu Lee’s Adam [Read More...]