This Veteran’s Day, Don’t forget the MilWomen!

spartan women pack

GUESTPOST by Fran Rossi Szpylczyn Nicole Kasdorf is a determined woman. Tall, warm and with an easy smile, she is filled with palpable sense of mission and spirit. After having spent time in the US Army, deployed in Iraq, she knows that there are special needs for the women who serve our country. Upon returning [Read More...]

“We are Family” and Whole Catechesis at the MAC

Hi Everybody, I just got out of a wonderful presentation by Cecilia P. Regan, who is a diocesan Director of Catechesis for the Diocese of Metuchen, NJ. (Hello, New Jersey!) She is the perfect combination of that motherly, good-humored quality that is so inviting in some women, with the wisdom and practical experience of many [Read More...]

Way of the Cross at the MAC

We’re sighing and heading off to sleep with the haunting music of the MAC’s vivid, personal, multi-media presentation of the Way of the Cross playing in our heads. At one point, after some of the composers had performed very beautiful sung prayers, and some of the heart-wrenching testimonies had been read (parents of deceased children, [Read More...]

Reaching Out to Parents!

Hi All, It’s just getting better and better here at the MAC. After some very solid and exciting talks this morning, I was privileged to hear Tom McGrath, Loyola Press’s VP of New Product Development, and an author, talk about reaching out to parents of the children in our RE classes. He’s got great ideas. [Read More...]

Hey, I had trouble getting my wireless connection this morning, so I’m late, but it’s been a truly wonderful day so far, and I’m going to give you a quick re-cap. I really can’t say enough about Dr. Carolyn Woo from Catholic Relief Services, talking about the value of the business community’s contribution to peace [Read More...]

A Rousing Close of MAC’s First Day

The conference center is still abuzz after a wonderful evening of gospel-style music and stirring talks by conference organizers and special guests, after which RCL Benziger, the Leadership Roundtable, and Sadlier sponsored a lovely reception in the Exhibition Hall. It was a wonderful day, and attendees from the 65 different dioceses present here are sighing [Read More...]

Reclaiming Religious Education — Right ON!

It’s such a privilege to hear a speaker who is deeply convicted, loves the Catholic faith, and knows his stuff, like Dr. Michael Carotta does. WOW. Imagine using the metaphor of cooks vs. chefs to talk about the need for both catechists and trained religious educators, and feeding — really feeding — your audience with [Read More...]

Baltimore is Beautiful!

I’m at the MidAtlantic Congress and, despite a long drive from New York, and precious little sleep, have just enjoyed a lively and welcoming talk by Kathy Hendricks on Children’s Catechesis, sponsored by Sadlier. I was particularly struck by the catechists in the audience, who responded to Ms. Hendricks’ warmth and enthusiasm with so many [Read More...]

MidAtlantic Congress Starts Tomorrow!

Hi Folks, I’d like to thank Elizabeth Scalia and Dan Welch for inviting me to blog here for the next few days, live from the first annual MidAtlantic Congress for Pastoral Leadership in Baltimore … a.k.a. “the MAC” (March 8-10), where DRE’s, catechists, pastors, youth ministers, and other pastoral leaders will be gathering to pray, [Read More...]

Excluding Religion from Loan Forgiveness

BRAD HIRSCHFIELD: New rule excludes students whose job duties are “related to religious instruction, worship services, or any form of proselytizing.” [Read more...]