The Champeen!

AND THIS IS WHY Glenn Reynolds rules, and the rest of us are mere pikers. Very cute. (And thanks, Glenn!) [Read more...]

Rights vs Sentiments

FREEDOM OF RELIGION: Via New Advent, seems the Constitutional right for a religion to freely be itself continues to face opposition from people sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Call it Sentimentalism Playing Offense, with lots of stepped-up battles to come. [Read more...]

Memorial Day

MEMORIAL DAY: Old Men, Deserving of Gratitude. Some women, too! [Read more...]


THE PRICE OF LONE-WOLFDOM: Heather King is signing off from her wonderful Patheos column, A Book of Sparks with a typically thoughtful exposition on the joys of books! She parts on great terms and explains why she has left and what feeds or detracts from the writer’s life. Someone with my craving for attention gets [Read More...]

“Bivouac of the Dead”

“BIVOUAC OF THE DEAD”: Pat Gohn with something to think about on Memorial Day [Read more...]

The Shallows

WE ARE ALL INSTAPUNDIT, NOW: (though admittedly lacking Glenn Reynold’s pithy and clever economy of language) Rick at Brutally Honest writes: I’ve been blogging at Brutally Honest since October of 2003. When I look through the archives, I see that I used to be…more a writer (though a rough one) than an aggregator. . .I’ve [Read More...]

Military Chaplains

SO A RABBI, A PRIEST AND TWO MINISTERS go into the service. No joke. Remembering The Four Chaplains on Memorial Day. I know a priest who is a retired milchaplain. You’d never know it to see him putting about the parish, planting flowers, but he’s tough as nails. The stuff our priests are made of! [Read more...]

The Cain/Palin Paradigm

THE PALIN/CAIN PARADIGM: Smart analysis at Da Tech Guy, where Peter is either really on to something, or having a great deal of fun at the expense of the MSM. Or both. [Read more...]

David Mamet; Righty

A CONVERSION STORY: David Mamet on moving from hard left to hard right [Read more...]

Oil Shale

SHALE GETS INTERESTING: Far from being thought “valueless” five years ago, some of us have been talking about it for a long time. [Read more...]