John Henry Newman

THE BEST TALK EVAH: On Bl. John Henry Newman? Possibly, yes! [Read more...]

Song of Myself

SONG OF MYSELF: The Summablog gettin’ all full of itself and an attitude! [Read more...]

Know Your Assassins

HOW MANY CAN YOU NAME?: The 15 Most Infamous Assassinations in History. You’ll be surprised at who is missing. I don’t know if I call John Lennon’s murder an assassination. [Read more...]

Life and Death and Life

LIFE AND DEATH AND LIFE: The Passionist Nuns of Whitesville, KY share their remarkably busy past few weeks [Read more...]

Rhetoric 101

THE ART OF MANLINESS on Logical Fallacies in Rhetoric [Read more...]

Six weeks later…

THE MARATHON ENDED SIX WEEKS AGO: and he has made it across the line! [Read more...]

What, no Montauk?

I’LL TAKE MONTAUK OVER ANY OF THEM: Listing The Ten Best US Beaches [Read more...]

As Instapundit would say…


Call it “The Amalgam Mass”

CALL IT “THE AMALGAM MASS”: I have longed long to see the Novus Ordo improved by the adaption of portions of the Extraordinary Form; William Oddie says it could happen!. Make it so, Number 1! [Read more...]

“They don’t want us to travel”

DON SURBER SEES purposeful intent to the high gas prices. Well, Obama did say during his first presidential campaign that his only problem with high gas prices was their rapid rise. Said he wanted to see energy prices skyrocket, too. It’s for your own good! [Read more...]