A Hidden Blessing of High Gas Prices

YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHOOSE to make a local pilgrimage: Mary DeTurris Poust on the Pilgrims path to God, with a helpful, handy sampling of Shrines, from Kathryn Lopez, Tony Rossi and others. Hey, me too! [Read more...]

Religion at the Very Beginning

FROM TIMOTHY MULDOON: There’s an absolutely fascinating story by Charles C. Mann in National Geographic about Göbekli Tepe (pronounced Guh-behk-LEE TEH-peh), a temple in Turkey built about 11,600 years ago–the very oldest religious structure known to us. In terms of sheer age it makes Stonehenge look modern. Read the whole thing [Read more...]

Shady Plant Advice

IT’S A TRADITIONAL GARDENING WEEKEND around here. If you have lots of shade some good planting ideas! [Read more...]

A Miracle Through Dorothy Day’s Prayers?

SEEMS THE WOMAN WHO SAID, “don’t call me a saint, I don’t want to be dismissed so easily!” may be on her way, all the same [Read more...]

Memorial of St. Philip Neri

TODAY IS THE FEASTDAY of St. Philip Neri! Don’t miss Pat Gohn’s excellent exposition on this “cheerful” saint who was about so much more than knowing how to laugh! After you read Pat’s piece, I got some thoughts on dear Philip, as well! [Read more...]