Baylor Professor Frank Beckwith

BOILING DOWN THE HHS MANDATE: to two succinct questions. If the answer is “yes” the HHS Mandate story is over and all is well. If “no”, we have a constitutional situation. [Read more...]

Kathryn Jean Lopez and Elizabeth Scalia

TALKING HHS MANDATE: with the golden-voiced Pat Gohn, in the latest Among Women Podcast [Read more...]

Making Citizenship Dynamic

OBAMA’S HHS AN ASSAULT ON RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Frank has a petition! [Read more...]

It’s about ALL churches, ALL believers!

BISHOP PAUL D. ETIENNE: With this ruling, an agency of the US Government is disregarding our constitutional right to protection of conscience on the basis of religious freedom. Never before in our history as a nation has the government required citizens to purchase a product that violates their conscience. It is my deepest hope that [Read More...]

A Proud Hubby is a Pretty Thing

GLENN REYNOLDS ON FACEBOOK: my lovely and talented wife, Helen Smith, was featured on E! television last night, in a segment about the Lillelid murders that included a lot of footage from her documentary, “Six.” They’re rerunning it today at 11 and 3 ET if you’re around — her segment runs between about :15 and [Read More...]

A Heart Full of Condemnation

IT DOESN’T WORK IF YOU’RE PRO-LIFE: Serving life serves love. Marcia Morrissey nails it! [Read more...]

Missing Ted Kennedy

IT’S ONE OF THOSE IRONIES: Kennedy would have helped this family [Read more...]

Chutzpah, Defined

Really, is the disconnect this bad? Yes, it is. [Read more...]

The Angels of Advent

FR. DWIGHT LONGENECKER with a nice piece [Read more...]

The Wisdom of Calvin and Hobbes

WHY HE IS A CATHOLIC: because of politics and natural law [Read more...]