Religion Hates Science — oh, wait!

VATICAN TO HOLD STEM CELL CONFERENCE: NeoStem and the Pontifical Council for Culture hope to raise awareness about therapeutic advances in adult stem cell research. [Read more...]

The Fighting Irish!

PAT MCNAMARA DOES THIS SO WELL: Fr. Duffy and the Fighting 69th — share with someone for Veteran’s Day! [Read more...]

The Politics of Corporatism

PRESIDENT GOLDMAN SACHS?: Just as clericalism damaged Catholicism, corporatism has damaged capitalism and perverted our political process. [Read more...]

The Taming

KATRINA FERNANDEZ takes on The Shrews. Welcome The Crescat Blog to Patheos! [Read more...]

The Vows

LOVING UNTO DEATH IS HARD: That’s what makes it great [Read more...]

Stage Fright

LISA MLADINICH: I left there with my heart in my throat [Read more...]

Talk about living in a clutch…

LIBYA NIGHTMARE: 20,000 surface-to-air missiles are missing [Read more...]

Let’s Not Send Tim Geithner…

TO THE GROCERY STORE: Even with coupons! [Read more...]

How Many Monkeys?

CAN BLIND MONKEYS: write some of our worship songs? [Read more...]

Muldoon, Poignant on Catholicism

WHAT IS CATHOLICISM?: Why so many blades of grass? Because Catholicism, unlike what many of its critics seem to think, is not fundamentally about a kind of military-like uniformity of taking orders from the general. It is much more like the way that beachgoers watch the ocean: we go because we respond to a summons [Read More...]