Not Just Another “How-to-Parent” Book

By George Elerick

[This post is part of a conversation on the new book, PregMANcy: a dad, a little dude, and a due date, by Christian Piatt. Visit the Patheos Book Club to read an excerpt here.]

If you looked at this cover and thought, “Ah, another “how-to-parent” book?!”  you would be wrong. This is an unfolding narrative about the angst of one man’s journey toward having another child. This is an honest look into the mind of a reluctant father to be and his journey toward the “big day.” One powerful element in this work is the use of Piatt’s oldest son, who is in a simple sense the subsconscious thoughts of Piatt (though we’re not told this in the book). Matthias is the outspoken, sometimes over-excitable son who can’t wait for his future sibling, and yet demonstrates a maturity beyond his years.

I think the open-hearted manner and vulnerable moments that erupt off the pages will give those who are new to parenting, old to parenting, and just plain curious about parenting a window into the emotional maturity that comes from the struggles of parenting. This book is a must have. Piatt’s writing style will have you hooked from beginning to finish. It’s an easy read and entertaining — two imperative aspects when approaching an interesting text. This book will have you rethinking your perspective on marriage, children, and the evils of “how-to-parenting” books. Piatt is a powerful story teller.

This book will want to make you laugh, cry, puke and never want to have a child again! A memoir not for the faint-of-heart. A novel for anyone who has been on the journey toward reluctant fatherhood needs to read this book; you will find traces of yourself and your own journey within these pages, whether you have children or not. Get it! You won’t be let down.

George Elerick is cultural theorist, human rights worker, author, and blogs at The Love Revolution.


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