About Deborah Arca

Deborah Arca joined the Patheos team after more than ten years managing programs for the Program in Christian Spirituality at the San Francisco Theological Seminary, a Presbyterian seminary within the Graduate Theological Union consortium of 11 seminaries in the Bay Area.

Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart: A Q&A with Christine Valters Paintner

In my new book, Eyes of the Heart, I explore the Christian practice of lectio divina, which means sacred reading, and is an ancient contemplative way of reading scripture, practiced by the very early monks of our tradition, as a way of framing the practice of photography as visio divina, or sacred seeing. [Read more…]

Q&A: Monsters in America

As part of our roundtable conversation on Monsters in America, we invited our bloggers to ask whatever question they wanted of the author … such as: “Why Monsters? Why Now?” Scott Poole’s answer is, well, awesome. [Read more…]

Unconditional, but Variable, Grace

In a world in which so many people, self-righteously separate the saved and unsaved, insiders and outsiders, patriotic and unpatriotic, Brennan Manning tosses out every dualism, proclaiming the simple truth, that wherever we are on life’s journey – whether we are seeking to follow the straight and narrow, or running as fast as we can from God through substance abuse or infidelity, we will eventually run into God’s arms, and they will save us even from ourselves. [Read more…]

Social Media Salvation: Priests and Atheists Dialogue on YouTube

“When Fr. Robert Barron began uploading videos to YouTube, he thought it would be a great way to get his message out. But he didn’t know quite what to expect.” The second in our Social Media Salvation series…. [Read more…]

Social Media Salvation: Blogging Her Way from Atheism to Catholicism

Read the first of three stories of bearing witness on the web, from Brandon Vogt’s new book The Church and New Media. [Read more…]

A Catholic Tourist’s Travel Guide for the Digital Continent

“Brandon Vogt is an intrepid tour guide in his new book, The Church and New Media, offering discovery of the first fruits of the new evangelization’s forays into new media.” Patheos Columnist Pat Gohn shares a review. [Read more…]

A Good and Perfect Gift: Q&A with Author Amy Julia Becker

“A Good and Perfect Gift” is the story of a young couple coming to terms with their first-born child being different than they anticipated, and eventually receiving that child as a precious gift. Read a Q&A with the author, Amy Julia Becker. [Read more…]