The Origin Stories of Mutants, Mystics and Messiahs

: It may be difficult to accept the existence of paranormal activity, until you realize you already do. [Read more...]

Santa in a Brothel

Instead of merely giving some money to a few vulnerable girls, what if we organized the Church to actually be the Church by creating interventionist cell groups to rescue as many of the 2 million children in the world who are caught up in the sex slave industry as possible? What if we were Santa in a brothel for God in the brothels? [Read more...]

Mysticism, Paranormal, and the Super-Story

In our Western post-Christendom, pluralistic context the time has come to move beyond denunciation to understanding and more complex forms of engagement. In these ways the mutants and mystics can find room for dialogue on the fantastic with the followers of the first century Superhero from Nazareth as they discuss their competing Super-Stories.
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