Mysticism, Paranormal, and the Super-Story

In our Western post-Christendom, pluralistic context the time has come to move beyond denunciation to understanding and more complex forms of engagement. In these ways the mutants and mystics can find room for dialogue on the fantastic with the followers of the first century Superhero from Nazareth as they discuss their competing Super-Stories.
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Mutants & Mystics: Laying the Scholarly Mask Aside

In Mutants & Mystics, Jeffrey Kripal has fearlessly put down on the page the connections between his personal life and his professional work—connections that all scholars possess but prefer either to not to admit or (much of the time) remain blissfully unconscious of. [Read more...]

These Children Have Names

“God in a Brothel” isn’t about nameless, faceless children. It’s about real children – children with names, personalities, and potential as specific and precious as those belonging to the children you and I know. But, unlike the kids in our lives, these children have been kidnapped or sold into slavery by adults who should be their protectors. [Read more...]