Happiness Is Found Outside of Our Comfort Zones

Is it more important to be happy or comfortable? Is comfort and happiness the same thing? Comfort feels good. On the surface, comfort might seem like a good place to be. Many of us worked hard and sacrificed a lot to get there. But when we stop reaching and growing in life–can comfort actually be [Read More…]

The Power of Knowing Yourself

It’s been said that you can never really know someone completely. But perhaps the person that is the most difficult to get to know is the one that’s closest to us: Ourselves. Although our experiences and chemistry have collectively shaped each one of us into the people we are, this does not mean that we [Read More…]

A Compass for the Earthly Race

Life is abuzz with media input and our fast-paced lives are making us spin. Stepping on the accelerator in life is common for most of us, but where are we really going? More importantly, what is God really speaking to us? God communicates with us daily, if we can shut down the roar of our [Read More…]

Learning About the Christian Faith: The Bible Is My Best Friend

By Jake Raabe Children’s Bibles are a difficult sub-genre for publishers to work with. The nature of religious beliefs- or any beliefs about the way the world works, for that matter- are such that parents will invariably impart them on their children from a young age, whether through example or direct conversation about them. And [Read More…]

Living in the Age of Comfort Addiction: Q&A With Erin Straza

In our overscheduled and overstimulated society, Addiction is everywhere. It’s the millennial who can’t put down her smartphone while having lunch with friends, it’s the father who takes home work on the weekend, or the people pleaser who won’t stand up for themselves in a relationship. The truth is, most of us are addicts in [Read More…]

7 Billion Universes: An Interview With Deepak Chopra

If you pay attention to the work of astronomers, you might know that the universe was born from the Big Bang about 13.75 billion years ago, that it’s made of 70 percent dark energy, and that the universe is rapidly expanding and cooling as it ages. What do all of these theories (or facts, depending [Read More…]

Don’t Get Too Comfortable: A Q&A With Erin Straza

Author Erin Straza answers questions about her new book, Comfort Detox, featured in the Patheos Book Club. Why do you think detoxing is so popular today? What does it say about our society? Erin Straza: People want freedom from the excesses they’ve become accustomed to. Small indulgences, over time, can wield great authority in our lives! [Read More…]