Mystery and Hope: A Q&A with Thomas Moore

As the Christmas season approaches, some anticipate it with wonder and faith, and others dread it as a reminder of pain and loss. And then there are many others who simply do not understand or resonate with the meaning or purpose of the holiday. Thomas Moore’s new book, The Soul of Christmas, is for all of these, [Read More…]

Navigating an Unfriendly Empire

By E. Randolph Richards and Brandon J. O’Brien. It happened. We elected a president. The world didn’t end and we still have the internet. Whew. Regardless of who won, at one level the situation is the same.Whichever way the election fell, a large number of Christians woke up disappointed on November 9. They found themselves [Read More…]

Paul for President?

By Brandon J. O’Brien and E. Randolph Richards. When news broke about an audio recording of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s “locker room” talk, my mind went to a strange place: the apostle Paul. Paul and Trump don’t share a lot in common on the surface. Paul was a Mediterranean Jew; Trump is a New York [Read More…]

How to Keep Love Alive Through the Alzheimer’s Journey: A Patheos Q&A with Deborah Barr

When Gary Chapman first published The 5 Love Languages in 1992, he introduced a tool that could radically change the dynamics of a relationship. As we understand the language of love that different people “speak,” we can hear them in new ways and translate our own care and concern into the language of the other. [Read More…]

At the Intersection of Cancer, Culture and Christ: 15 Years Later

[Editor’s Note: As part of this month’s Book Club on the memoir Stripped: At the Intersection of Cancer, Culture and Christ, author Heather King offers a new reflection, 15 years after her diagnosis.] Fifteen years after the events described in my book Stripped, I’m fifteen years closer—I could be a lot closer than that!—to my own death. And [Read More…]

Dissecting Patriachy and Biblical Manhood: A Review of ‘Maelstrom’

To appreciate quality, we must slow down. In fact, quality insists that we slow down. Anyone can snarf down a bag of White Castles; they seem designed to be eaten quickly. But we cannot just wolf down marinated chicken kabobs with rice and tabbouleh, hummus on the side and a square of baklava to finish. [Read More…]

A Piece of Peace: Book Review of “Sanctuary” by Terry Hershey

This is the kind of book you read, re-read, underline passages from and mark notes in. It’s like a handbook for enjoying your own little piece of peace. [Read more…]