Jewish-Christian Difference and Modern Jewish Identity

In his new book on Jewish identity, Shalom Goldman shows us that it’s not easy to become Jewish, even harder to try to leave, and, maybe most difficult of all, to remain Jewish in the face of changing beliefs. [Read more…]

Almost Christian: An Interview with Kenda Creasy Dean

{Kenda Creasy Dean. Almost Christian: What the Faith of our Teenagers Is Telling the American Church. Oxford University Press 2010. 264 pages. $24.95} By Deborah Arca Mooney From 2003-2005, researchers conducted the most ambitious study of adolescent spirituality to date in the U.S. Among the results of the National Study of Youth and Religion (NSYR), [Read More…]

Marcus Borg’s new novel, “Putting Away Childish Things”

{Marcus J. Borg. Putting Away Childish Things: A Tale of Modern Faith. HarperOne 2010. 352 pp. $25.99} Reviewed by Martha K. Baker Putting Away Childish Things: A Tale of Modern Faith is didactic. Usually labeling any book “didactic” is the kiss of retail death, butMarcus Borg’s most recent book also courts a second smacker: it’s [Read More…]