Three Tips for Facing the Future without Worry: Reflections on the book “Anxious”


by Amy Simpson I can relate to sixteenth-century French writer Michel de Montaigne, who wrote, “My life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened.” I’ll bet you can relate too. We all worry about the future. And most of us are willing to admit that we sometimes lie awake at night, [Read More...]

Abraham as Archetype, Abraham as Man


As an academic, I am pretty much required by contract to embrace complexity: to be of scholarly (i.e., publishable) caliber, any argument forwarded must be nuanced; a literature review must incorporate a diversity of perspectives; the opposition viewpoint should always be acknowledged. In fact, what I often find to be the real beauty of academic [Read More...]

Called: A Book Review


I began reading Mark Labberton’s Called: The Crisis and Promise of Following Jesus Today the same morning that I met a new mom friend from my twins’ Gymboree class for coffee. Their family had recently moved back to America from Asia, where her husband had been involved in an anti-trafficking ministry, and she had taught [Read More...]

Preventing Suicide: A Book Review

“Religion protects against suicide.” –Karen Mason, Preventing Suicide At the heart of the Christian gospel is the promise of peace and joy: peace in our redemption from sin and reconciliation with a Creator Who loves us; joy in the promise of an eternal and restored life to come. It is a gospel of hope and [Read More...]

Providing Hope and Preventing Suicide

by Anna Quinn Karen Mason’s Preventing Suicide arrived in my mail box the day before the call came that a friend’s husband had ended his life, so it was hard, but helpful, to read it. It provides a comprehensive overview of suicide prevention and integrates psychology with faith. Its essential theme, that faith is applicable [Read More...]

Colliding with Destiny by Sarah Jakes: A Book Review

Colliding with Destiny: Finding Hope in the Legacy of Ruth, written by Sarah Jakes (daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes), is a devotional centered on the story of Ruth designed to inspire women facing discouragement to have greater strength and faith while they await their moment of “collision” with the destiny God has planned for them. [Read More...]

Reviving the Congregation: A Book Review


As has become popular among writers of contemporary Christian non-fiction, Pastor Michael W. Foss assumes the rapid degeneration of the American church as a starting point for his latest book, Reviving the Congregation: Pastoral Leadership in a Changing Context. While I have written in the past about why such an assumption often reflects a simplistic [Read More...]