How The West Really Lost God: A Review


About halfway through grad school course work, I had a professor who asked each student in our class what we wanted to do with our lives once we’d earned our Ph.D.’s. His enthusiasm and encouragement for the future professors, administrators, community activists, and citizen-scholars in the group was ebullient. When I said I wanted to [Read More...]

A Field Guide for Marriage: A Review of “Just Married”


By Tim Muldoon Review of Just Married: The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Five Years of Marriage, by Greg and Lisa Popcak There is almost nothing in contemporary popular culture that is good for marriage. On the contrary, there are many significant obstacles or hurdles that a couple must learn to [Read More...]

Laying My Grief to Rest: A Review of The Geography of Memory


By Paula Huston If I had to name a role model in my life, it would have to be my Grandma Martha. Not only was she born and raised on the Minnesota family farm, homesteaded in the mid 1850’s by her Norwegian immigrant forebears, but — loving the farm life and marrying a farmer — [Read More...]

The Geography of Memory: A Q&A with Jeanne Murray Walker


This month at the Patheos Book Club, we’re featuring the new book by award-winning poet Jeanne Murray Walker, The Geography of Memory: A Pilgrimage Through Alzheimer’s (Center Street/Hachette Book Group). Described as “one of the most elegant, tender, and intelligent memoirs of Alzheimer’s I have read,” by New York Times best-selling author Bret Lott, the book offers [Read More...]

A Recipe for Joy: A Q&A with Robin Davis


The biggest change in my life – bigger even than getting married and becoming a stepmother – was letting God back in. It was like opening the shades of a darkened room and letting in the light. It changed everything. [Read more...]

The Lonely Polygamist: An Interview with Brady Udall

{Brady Udall. The Lonely Polygamist. W.W. Norton & Company 2010. 602 pages. $26.95} Reviewed by David Crumm This is a novel about a very big Mormon family. You’re from a famously big Mormon family yourself. So, let’s start with your place in your own family tree. Your great-great-grandfather was David King Udall, a polygamist. More [Read More...]