Jesus Feminist: Redefining Biblical Womanhood


Jesus Feminist is exciting and new not primarily for its take on feminism, but for Bessey’s powerful, cutting, and deeply biblical vision of a world where any calling from God for any person at any place is possible and should be allowed free reign. [Read more...]

Jesus Feminist: A Conversation with Sarah Bessey


“When else in the world would anybody have cared about what some happy clappy mum from western Canada thinks about the church and faith and scripture and theology? Uh, never, absolutely never.”  That’s author and blogger Sarah Bessey, responding to my comment about the rise in popularity of a growing number of young women authors, [Read More...]

Animate: Coming Out as Apophatic


By Lillian Daniel, author and contributor to animate.Faith Gathered in a cozy living room, our little church group watched the Animate DVDs over eight weeks. We dug into the deep theological questions as we got to learn more about God, each other and the vagaries of our host’s temperamental toilet. In the first DVD, the [Read More...]