Is Adrian Peterson a Scapegoat?

Is Adrian Peterson being scapegoated? Suzanne and Adam discuss ways in which the condemnation of Peterson's physical punishment of his child-- which certainly deserves to be condemned -- can make us feel as if we are doing enough to protect children. Could it be that uniting against Peterson prevents us from examining our own complicity in abusive child rearing practices?Links to articles mentioned:Benjamin L. Corey's "Why Jesus Wants You To Stop Spanking Your Kids"Michael Eric … [Read more...]

What ISIL Beheadings Can Teach Us about God and The Cross

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What’s the difference between a beheading and a crucifixion? I ask the question as a Christian because we profess that a method of execution every bit as shocking, and perhaps even more cruel, than the beheader’s axe is the vehicle of our salvation. If we do not reflect upon the difference (and the disturbing similarities) between our veneration of the cross and the state support of the beheader’s axe by the self-declared Islamic State in the Levant (ISIL) then we will not find a way to respond t … [Read more...]

How Christians Should Respond to President Obama: On Fear, Violence, and Safety

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Do you feel safe?President Obama made his case for war against ISIS during his address to the nation last night. He juxtaposed two statements that sum up the contradictory message that American presidents have been telling us with a straight face since at least the Vietnam War: America is safer. Still, we continue to face a terrorist threat. I don’t feel safe. We’ve been fighting the “War on Terror” for 13 years – and what have we earned for that effort? More terrorists!At the beginning … [Read more...]

The NFL, Ray Rice, and Keith Olbermann – I Accuse Us

A second video surfaced on Monday that confirmed what many already knew to be true – Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocked out his future wife, Janay Palmer, with a punch to the head in a hotel elevator last February.The first video of the incident surfaced a few months ago. It should Rice dragging an unconscious Palmer from the elevator. Later at a press conference, Rice admitted that his actions were “inexcusable” and that the couple were in counseling.For “inexcusably” beating … [Read more...]

From 9/11 to ISIS: Resolving the Paradox of the US War on Terror

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It’s been fourteen years since our government declared war on terrorism. How are we doing? It feels like a disastrous game of Whack-A-Terrorist, doesn’t it? We kill one terrorist hiding in one hole, and out pops another one from another hole. Now we are facing the newest threat, a terrorist organization seeking to set up a nation-state, ISIS or IS, as it is called. The Islamic State, at least, would be a concrete opponent. If they hold on to territory and establish a functioning government, we co … [Read more...]

Parenting, Paddle Boards, and Balancing Faith

My child learning to paddle board.

My family recently went on a vacation to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. Coeur D’Alene is a city in northern Idaho that is not only impossible to spell, but it nestles upon against an impossibly beautiful lake where my aunt and uncle own a gorgeous home.I had a great time playing in the water with my three children. We swam, rode a paddle boat, and played in the sand. All safe and fun activities that were perfect for my 7, 6, and 4 year old children.But then my aunt did the unthinkable! As I was a … [Read more...]

Has Jesus Forgiven John Lennon’s Killer?

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Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon in the back four times, killing him outside his New York City home on Dec. 8, 1980. I remember watching the news on TV at my parent’s home in New Jersey and feeling that a great light had gone out of the world. Reading about the most recent decision to deny Chapman parole, I squirmed uncomfortably at his claim that even though he understood why the law could not pardon him, he was confident that Jesus had. All these years later, I’m not sure I have. Or that I s … [Read more...]