The Day She Came Out: Why Rob Bell is Right and the Church is Being Left Behind

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She was one of the best students I’ve ever had in a youth group. She’s funny, smart, friendly, warm, and likeable. She exerted a quiet sense of confident leadership among her peers and she’s serious about following Jesus. She’s everything that a pastor would want in a member of a youth group.And I’ll never forget the day she told our youth group that she’s a lesbian.My God I love that girl.And so did our youth group. Girls and boys listened attentively as she described her experience … [Read more...]

Don’t Tell Me that God Is In Control: On Sovereignty, Tragedy, and Sin

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“God is in control.”The statement comforts many people because deep down we know that we are not in control. We can do everything we can to protect ourselves and our families, but we know that despite our best efforts, tragedy can strike at any moment. And so it’s comforting to believe that if we aren’t in control, Someone else is.But something inside of me recoils whenever I hear the phrase, “God is in control.” Many believe that God’s sovereignty means that God is behind everything that … [Read more...]

Two Things the Hobby Lobby Case Tells Us about Politics and Being Christian

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Since the Hobby Lobby case, I have learned two things about being Christian.First, being Christian means that you are right and that the other side is not only wrong, but a detriment to American freedom. Conservatives are boasting that their victory over liberals is a “welcoming gesture not only toward religious freedom, but also freedom of conscience.” The blog Seasons of Grace asks that we join the author “in a prayer of thanks at this ruling.” Joining in prayer is all well and good, but ap … [Read more...]