President Obama, Christianity, and the Truth about American Exceptionalism

President Obama speaking in Kenya (Photo: Screenshot from Youtube, KTN News Kenya)

President Obama just laid to rest all the speculation that he isn’t a Christian.During his speech in Kenya, he said one of the most Christian things any U.S. president has ever said. No, he didn’t shove Jesus down anyone’s throat. He did something much more important. He definitively pointed to what makes the United States a “Judeo-Christian Nation.” "What makes America exceptional is not the fact that we are perfect. It’s the fact that we struggle to improve. We’re self-critical. We work to … [Read more...]

The Iran Deal and American Self-Deception

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Politicians and pundits on both sides of the American political divide are debating the merits of President Obama’s deal with Iran. While Obama claims he has forestalled an Iranian nuclear weapon for at least another 10 years with unprecedented weapons inspection, Republicans state that the deal will only encourage the world’s most dangerous sponsor of terrorism.Only time will tell us about the merits of the deal. For now, I’m interested in the response from our Republican presidential candi … [Read more...]

Donald Trump, Immigration, and the Politics of Satan

Photo: Flickr, Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons License

Donald Trump created a stir recently with his comments about immigration. “When Mexico sends its people, they aren’t sending their best. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people.” We could easily dismiss Trump and his comments by claiming that he’s our nation’s crazy uncle. But our crazy uncle is gaining in the GOP polls. After announcing his candidacy and making his comment about immigrants, he surged to second place among Republican v … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz and God’s Political Subversion

Ted Cruz at Liberty University (Screen shot via YouTube.)

Ted Cruz became the first major candidate to declare a presidential run for 2016. His formal announcement came this morning at Liberty University, the largest Christian university in the world.Cruz’s announcement at Liberty University was an important political strategy. Cruz is the poster child of the Tea Party movement. He wants to spread his influence by appealing to evangelicals. There is no better place to garner the evangelical vote than the largest Christian university on the p … [Read more...]

Who is God? Part 3: The Son of God: How the Son Subverts Violence and Patriarchy

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My inner feminist recoils when I hear the term “Son of God.” I get the same feeling when I hear “God the Father.” I mean, isn’t that just patriarchal language that elevates men above women? If so, shouldn’t we do away with such violent patriarchal language about God?It’s true that each of the Gospels call Jesus “the Son of God,” but here’s the catch: when the Gospels call Jesus the “Son of God” they subvert all forms of violence, including patriarchal structures that treat women as less than … [Read more...]

Terrorists Win: “The Interview,” North Korea, and the Tragic Irony of Christmas

A North Korean and United States flag.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to watch Kim Jong-un’s assassination on the big screen this Christmas. We will not be able to cheer as the brutal dictator’s helicopter explodes in the air “while Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ plays on the soundtrack.” We will not be able to fulfill this Christmas Day fantasy by watching “The Interview” because the terrorists have won.The FBI now claims that Kim Jong-un’s government is behind the act of terrorism. In retaliation for the movie, a state-sponsored No … [Read more...]

Why the NFL is Better for Women than the US Senate

The NFL has come under severe scrutiny for its handling of domestic violence during the last few months. Rodger Goodell has admitted to fumbling the Ray Rice case, has admitted that the NFL has a problem with abusing women, and he has committed himself to finding a solution.There are many reasons to be cynical about Goodell. Maybe the only reason he’s attempting to implement changes is because of public pressure, the loss of public sponsorship, and the fact that his job is on the line. But a … [Read more...]