Donald Trump, Politics, and the Scandal of Forgiveness

July was quite a month of scandals. Do you remember when Melania Trump was accused of plagiarizing? Or when the crowd at the RNC turned into a mob by chanting “Lock her up!?” And we’re wondering if Donald is in bed with Vladimir. Now as July turns into August, Hillary just can’t get away from her scandalous emails. It’s a train wreck. And I can’t stop looking.Jeremiah Alberg defines scandal in his masterful book Beneath the Veil of the Strange Verses as, “those events, scenes, and representat … [Read more...]

Wednesday Sermon: Galatians, Indians and Empire

Pastors have a frequent question when they begin to discover mimetic theory. “That’s great. But how does it preach?”Reverend Tom Truby shows that mimetic theory is a powerful tool that enables pastors to preach the Gospel in a way that is meaningful and refreshing to the modern world. Each Wednesday, Teaching Nonviolent Atonement will highlight his sermons as an example of preaching the Gospel through mimetic theory.In this sermon, Tom continues his series on Paul's letter to the Galati … [Read more...]

A Coal Miner Turned Prophet: Speaking Truth to Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been harshly criticized for this statement she made during a CNN Town Hall discussion, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”The comment has been used against Clinton in an attempt to show that she doesn’t care about coal miners. It has plagued her candidacy, especially in West Virginia where the economy is largely dependent upon coal.Politifact rightly asserts that the statement has been taken out of context. Clinton actually cla … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz: “You Suck” – Children Hecklers and the Politics of Parenting

As we get closer to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, political rivals on both sides are increasing their attacks. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders openly doubt each other’s qualifications for becoming president. Ted Cruz questions whether Donald Trump sets a good example for our children.As a parent, I sympathize with Cruz when he asks, “Do you want your kids repeating the words of Donald Trump?”Cruz is pointing to an important aspect of mimetic theory – that we are f … [Read more...]

Trump’s Man Card Is Self-Loathing Hatred

Earlier in the week, Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of playing the “woman card.” It’s a bit hypocrital, don’t you think?I mean, nobody plays the gender card better than Donald Trump. He is the stereotypical male – and he’s loud about it. For Trump, to be male is to win so much that you’ll get sick of winning. He talks down to Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina, all while saying, “Oh but the women love me!” Do you remember what he said about Fiorina’s face? “Look at that face. Would anyon … [Read more...]

Let’s Make America Meh

Donald Trump wants to “Make America Great Again.” Hillary Clinton claims America has never stopped being great. But maybe we should just try to make America meh.Here’s a question, how do we define American greatness? In politics, American greatness is usually described in comparison with other nations. This comparison is part of human nature. As René Girard states in his masterful book on human social dynamics called Deceit, Desire, and the Novel, to be human is to have a tendency “to compare … [Read more...]

The Truth about God and Interfaith Relationships

Can we share God?Because for many of us, God is something that we refuse to share. In fact, human history shows that we will fight over God. God, after all, is truth. And we all like to think that we hold the Truth. But what happens when others claim that they hold the Truth about God? We get caught in a rivalry, even killing over who possesses the Truth.But believing that we hold the truth about God is to turn God into an idol. That’s because we don’t hold the truth about God. None of us … [Read more...]