Conversation with Brian McLaren: Voting Christian Values – Seeking a Better Way

This week we were honored to continue the Raven Reviews Election 2016 series by talking with Brian McLaren, influential Christian author, speaker, and activist. We talked about Brian's latest book The Great Spiritual Migration and the current political climate.  Brian spoke with us not just about political issues, but how to talk with others about the issues we face during this political season. He stated, "In the current political campaigns, the focus is so much on winning that we poison the who … [Read more...]

Parenting During a Political Crisis

What is happening in American politics and how do we talk to our kids about it? It’s hard for me to shake the feeling that we are facing a political crisis that is symptomatic of a deeper cultural one. Let me begin by saying that my comments here only indirectly refer to the crisis of morality, decency, and reason represented by Donald Trump. His flagrant disregard for common courtesy, human rights, and the democratic process disqualify him from holding the highest office in our land. To debate t … [Read more...]

Election 2016: Lessons from Hitler’s Rise to Power – An Interview with Dr. Robert Ericksen

What lessons can we learn from Hitler’s rise to power?* How did the German people, including theologians and pastor, become complicit in the evil of Nazi Germany? And what can the United States learn from Hitler’s rise to power so that we don’t make the same mistakes?We discussed those question in the interview below with Dr. Robert Ericksen, world renowned historian and Chair of the Committee on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust at the Holocaust Museum. Dr. Ericksen is also the Kurt Mayer … [Read more...]

Trump, “Miss Piggy,” and How To Lose Your Soul

I do care who you vote for this November. I care because so much is at stake. In fact, your very soul is at risk.I’m not endorsing a particular candidate. Vote for whomever you want. But if you vote for Trump, you may lose your soul.Sound too dramatic? I’m afraid not. Donald Trump has a long history of demonizing the weak and the vulnerable. Anyone who supports that kind of behavior in anyone, let alone a president, risks losing their soul.And Trump needs to be called out.That’s e … [Read more...]

Can Politics Lead To Peace?

The news is overwhelming. Here in the United States, Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, was murdered by police over the weekend. Protests erupted yesterday in North Carolina after another unarmed black man, Keith Lamont Scott, was murdered by police. The protests apparently turned violent, with people throwing rocks at cars and breaking into a Walmart.Then there’s Syria. A precarious ceasefire was brokered last week. Just days into the ceasefire, the United States targeted ISIS troops w … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton: How to Be “Deplorable”

Hillary Clinton has rightfully taken criticism for calling half of all Donald Trump supporters “deplorable.” Last Friday evening, while battling a case of pneumonia, Clinton stated at a New York fundraiser, We are living in a volatile political environment. You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables … The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it. And, unfortunately, there are people like th … [Read more...]

Donald Trump, Politics, and the Scandal of Forgiveness

July was quite a month of scandals. Do you remember when Melania Trump was accused of plagiarizing? Or when the crowd at the RNC turned into a mob by chanting “Lock her up!?” And we’re wondering if Donald is in bed with Vladimir. Now as July turns into August, Hillary just can’t get away from her scandalous emails. It’s a train wreck. And I can’t stop looking.Jeremiah Alberg defines scandal in his masterful book Beneath the Veil of the Strange Verses as, “those events, scenes, and representat … [Read more...]