The Freethinkers’ Political Textbook – Evidence-Based Atheist Activism


This is a repost from the Humanist Community Project website, a project designed to host useful materials to help non-theist communities around the country develop and grow. It introduces the Freethinkers’ Political Textbook, my effort to bring together mountains of research into effective activism and persuasion into a mini book specifically dedicated to the challenges of [Read More...]

Should Alan Turing Be “Pardoned”?


Today Alan Turing, computer science pioneer, inventor of the “Turing Test”, and Second World War Hero, was pardoned by the British crown. The pardon repeals his conviction for “gross indecency” – he admitted to having a homosexual relationship after his house was burgled by an acquaintance of his lover, and was promptly prosecuted and plied [Read More...]

Help Ben “SweaterVest” Blanchard, Humanist Hero!


Donate to help Ben become a Pathfinder! I’ve known Ben Blanchard, a young microbiology/pre-med Humanist known or his penchant for Sweater Vests, for quite some time, and as well as being a charming gentlemen he is one of the most committed young students in the Humanist movement I know. That’s why I’m so excited Ben is [Read More...]

Why I Do What I Do

Humanism - Reason, Compassion, Hope

This summer, I have run myself ragged. I have traveled the country visiting countless atheist and Humanist groups and conferences, and my schedule is no less grueling in the coming weeks. I have spoken, I have sung, and I have conducted workshops. I have been interviewed, written articles, and blogged, all the while putting my [Read More...]

Why Would Atheists Want To Attend an Interfaith Service?


In the aftermath of the bombs which recently tore through Boston, the governor’s office organized an interfaith service to attempt to begin the healing process of the city. In my last post I detailed how representation for Humanists and atheists in the service was denied – a fact which has generally been decried by the Humanist and [Read More...]

American Atheists Lose 9/11 Cross Lawsuit


I am not at all surprised to report that American Atheists have lost their lawsuit against the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Associated Press reports: U.S. District Judge Deborah Batts rejected the arguments of American Atheists…Batts wrote that the cross and its accompanying panels of text “helps demonstrate how those at ground zero coped [Read More...]

Three Things Holding Humanism Back

Humanism - Reason, Compassion, Hope

Clay Farris Naff, writing for the Huffington Post, argues that “Humanism’s Moment of Opportunity [is] Going to Waste”: The evidence is in, and it is clear: New Atheists have been a media success and a societal failure. They know how to sell books, how to debate, how to sneer, skewer, and satirize — in short, [Read More...]