Support Social Justice Atheism at The Orbit!

Earlier this week atheist blogger Stephanie Zvan launched a Kickstarter to help launch “The Orbit“, a new atheist and nonreligious blog network focused on social justice. The campaign has been a great success – The Orbit was almost fully funded in the very first day, and is already meeting stretch goals! This is a testament to the [Read More…]

In Russia, Two Men Holding Hands is a Revolutionary Act

The BBC reports today on a viral video from Russia, showing two men holding hands as they walk through Moscow. The reactions of those they pass – ranging from mild rebukes to homophobic slurs to physical altercations – demonstrate that, in today’s Russia, two men holding hands is revolutionary. As the video itself says, “On [Read More…]

A Humanist Congregation

It is Sunday morning, and I am heading to the Ethical Society of St. Louis. As I approach, its distinctive spire comes into view: it is affectionately known by many in the city as “the witch’s hat.” I think you can see why. It’s a bright day, and as I enter the foyer the sun streams [Read More…]

An Introduction to the Aesthetics of Nelson Goodman – Part One: When Is Art?

This is the first in a series of posts introducing the aesthetic philosophy of Nelson Goodman, which has been extremely influential in my thinking. The Problems and Potential of Aesthetics Much philosophical aesthetics is terrible. Frequently, philosophers who take any interest in art at all (a depressingly small minority) do it scant justice, obsessing over [Read More…]

Compassion and Moral Judgment – A Response to “Atheists at the Pulpit”

It is not every day that I get called out in the pages of the Washington Post’s On Faith blog, so Sigfried Gold’s piece Atheists at the Pulpit grabbed my attention. Most striking was Gold’s assertion that I lack a certain amount of compassion in my treatment to the religious right: apparently “Martin Luther King showed more compassion for his [Read More…]

Fund “Brighter Than Today: A Secular Solstice”!

What do you do when the world turns dark? When the days wither, the wind chills, and and bare trees claw the sky with scratchy fingers? If you’re anything like me, you draw closer to others, find solace in human company, and sing. The first speech I gave consistently at Humanist conferences was on the [Read More…]

“Militant Atheism” and Religion – a Response to Frans de Waal

Frans de Waal – primatoligist, ethologist,  Professor at Emory University, and sometime commentator on religion, has a new piece on Salon asking whether/arguing that “militant atheism has become a religion” (the title seems to have undergone a swift change, with no one, at the time of writing, noticing that when you rephrase a statement as a question [Read More…]