Forward Thinking – What Does Civic Responsibility Mean to You?

 My response to the first prompt in the values development project begun by Libby Anne and Daniel Fincke, Forward Thinking: What does civic responsibility mean to you? Civic responsibility, for me, stems from two facts: the fact we are all human beings, and therefore morally valuable, and the fact that what we do affects other [Read More…]

Countdown to 30 – 3 Days to Go! – Finding Myself in Humanist Community

The fifth post in my “Countdown to 30″ series, looking forward to my 30th birthday and back to how I got here. Finding Myself in Humanist Community The Humanist Community at Harvard was a revelation. While I had attended Humanist discussion groups, read Humanist books, and frequented Humanist blogs for a while, I had never enjoyed [Read More…]

Gifts from GALA – A Sense of Solidarity

It’s easy to talk about being part of a “movement”. It’s a lot harder to get people to feel like they are part of a movement, to feel responsibility for each other, to feel like they share a common cause, to feel love for each other. But last week I felt it. I felt, deep in my core, what it means to be part of the LGBTQ Chorus movement, I felt the cause is righteous, and I knew that we can use the power of music to change lives. It was an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and I’m certain that the youth on that stage will remember it always, too. [Read more…]