What Do You Teach Your Kids About Religion?

Today’s Friday Forum, and I have a question for you: What do you teach your kids about religion? Whether you’re religious or not, do you try to raise your children to share your beliefs? Do you intentionally introduce them to different ways of thinking? If you are religious, do you require them to participate in religious [Read More…]

Kids Without God – <3 Darwin the Dog!

I’ve been critical about major non-religious organizations’ publicity campaigns in the past, but the American Humanist Association has really hit it out of the park with Kids Without God. The site, launched today, provides valuable resources for kids and teens looking to grow up Humanist, and parents who want to help them – all wrapped [Read More…]

Red Smoke, No Fire

Acrid red smoke fills the room, and you are told to evacuate the building. Around 100 people cram the doorways, some anxious, others laughing, most confused. The smoke bomb comes after loud and rambunctious protests, some calling out “You have no right to speak” as the center of this controversy takes the podium.

And what is the tendentious subject which has generated so much ire, leading a mob to disrupt the free exchange of ideas in one of London’s most famous bookstores?

A philosopher dared to open a university. [Read more…]