Dream the Impossible Dream

Journalist Andrew Brown has penned an article for the UK’s The Guardian: “Humanism is an Impossible Dream”. It is…confused. Brown believes that Humanism – the form promoted by the British Humanist Association, at least – is an incoherent idea. Reading to the end of a recent press release I discovered that the British Humanist Association [Read More…]

Foundations of the Temple

In his speech “The Gods” (1872), the “Great Agnostic” Robert Ingersoll, a Humanist and the best-known orator of his time, said the following:

“We are laying the foundations of the grand temple of the future–not the temple of all the gods, but of all the people”.

In 1873, echoing Ingersoll’s powerful oration, Felix Adler, founder of the Ethical Culture movement, called for the creation of the “Temple of the Future, [with] Justice its foundation, Peace and Goodwill its columns.”

Ingersoll and Adler’s vision of a more just world, governed by reason and compassion rather than superstition and greed – a vision shared by freethinkers across the ages – is the primary inspiration for this site. [Read more…]