Four More Years!

The President has won a significant victory tonight at a time when the country is divided and was contemplating two visions of its future. What is the impact of this victory, and what might Humanists look forward to in four more years of President Obama? Republican Rethink This victory won’t bring the country together, but [Read More…]

Obama Dominates Third Debate, Solidifying Momentum

A lean and hungry Obama devastated his opponent’s foreign policy credentials last night in a one-sided debate which didn’t see Romney score a single significant point. In every exchange Obama was the more authoritative and assured, better prepared and better tested than the challenger. Before the debate I immodestly offered Obama three pieces of advice: [Read More…]

The Tolling Bell: Do Some Deserve to Die?

Outside the White House, citizens gathered to wave American Flags and chant “USA! USA!” At Ground Zero and Times Square people came out in droves. Right now as I type people are pressing onto the T in Boston, heading to the Common. Heading to celebrate the death of another human being.

This leads me to question, as a Humanist: Do some people deserve to die? Is it ever right to celebrate the death of another human person? [Read more…]