“Many Faiths – One Family”, Or “How I Became a Spiritual Leader”

The moment I have worked for for for years has occurred: apparently I am a “Spiritual Leader”. It says so right on the program, and the envelope I’m given to thank me for coming says “Spiritual Leader James Croft” on it: I’m speaking at the 29th annual Forum on Tolerance, an event held at North [Read More…]

Models for our Movement: Let’s Get Religious

As the secular movement grows and gains power, we frequently look to other social movements for inspiration. Our movement is frequently compared to the civil rights movement, and currently comparisons with the LGBTQ movement are often drawn. In my mind, though, Humanism is more akin to a religious movement: a broad values-based effort focused on social change. If we look to religious movements for inspiration, we may find strategies which better serve our ends. [Read more…]