Skepticon IV: Profoundly Humanist, No Cop-Out

For Humanists, the opening was inauspicious: Dave Silverman, President of American Atheists Inc., told those gathered for Skepticon IV that to call yourself a Humanist is a “cop-out”. For Silverman, nothing less than “atheist” would do. If he had stayed for the rest of the conference, though, he would have seen a profoundly Humanist series of speakers – speakers who on no account “copped-out” of their responsibility to skeptically scrutinize beliefs and actions, and who had their eyes firmly on the use of skeptical tools to promote human welfare. [Read more…]

Gelatogate: To Err is Human, to Forgive Humanist

“Gelatogate” is a genuine and troubling instance of discrimination against the nonreligious, and as such should be deplored. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate our capacity for compassion and forgiveness – values central to the Humanist outlook. [Read more…]

Live Blogging the CfI Student Leadership Conference

A continuously updated live blog of the Center for Inquiry’s Leadership Conference 2011, held in Buffalo, NY. [Read more…]

What’s Your Focus? – American Atheists Convene in Des Moines

Just weeks after the annual conference of the American Humanist Association, American Atheists are holding their yearly shindig in Des Moines, Iowa. What will their convention be like? Will it focus exclusively on the challenges of religion, or will it promote a positive alternative worldview, more akin to the Humanism promoted by this site? [Read more…]