John Kerry channeling Blanche DuBois?

Is it just me, or does Kerry seem to be transforming himself, before our eyes, into a Tennessee Williams heroine? He seems to me to be teetering on some eerie edge. In photographs, he looks like he is simply not all there, as though inside him there is some fluttery little voice talking only to John Kerry, and John Kerry alone.

Perhaps he will soon turn to a gang of friendly reporters and arch his eyebrows and claim he is ready for his close-up as he prances by.

Call it a gut instinct, my own antennea picking up an odd vibe from the man. I say this for the candidate’s own good: Something is not right. Beyond all of the controversies, all of the news stories, the shouting heads on cable, beyond everything else. Beyond his scarily disconnected appearance on The Daily Show…you simply look at the man and you can sense it…something is NOT RIGHT.

I think we’re going to see the man lose it in public. Seriously. I wonder whose name is actually going to be on the November ballot?

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