Edwards Exploitation of Mary Cheney equals Limbaugh seizure

John Edwards was incredibly rude (and classless and ungentlemanly) to presume that Mary Cheney wanted her sexuality discussed or used as any sort of weapon in the debates.

Cheney handled it well. I would have smacked that smirking little pony for daring to bring one of my children into the debate in any way shape or form, and especially not to play political games. I’m quite sure Sen Edwards would not have wanted a political opponent to introduce any of his children into a discussion on national television.

Mary Cheney is a grown woman with a life. She is not political fodder, and Edwards had no business intruding on HER personal life for his political gain.

This isn’t about where Democrats or Republicans stand on gay marriage. Frankly, the difference between Bush’s stance and Kerry’s is that the gay community is willing to give Kerry a pass on the whole issue, and Kerry is willing to continue allowing activist judges to do the job of various state legislatures, rather than follow their constitutions. What it IS about is having some damn respect for other people’s business and their preferences for privacy.

But more and more, as with the Florida appellate court’s upholding of the seizure of Rush Limbaugh’s medical records, we see that the Democrats do not care about personal privacy. Not if it stands in the way of their attaining power.

The seizing of Limbaugh’s medical records is the ultimate example of Democrat hypocrisy. The same people who object to the Patriot Act because it “invades personal privacy” have no problem airing anyone’s private business, when it suits them. The same people who would (quite rightly) be stroking out if some woman’s abortion record was seized and her private business made known, are happy to do the same damn thing to a man for political expediency.

It’s precisely this sort of hypocritical double standard that chased me out of the Democrat party.

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