Days of Rest and Aimless Surfing…

Sunday used to be such a gentle day, a day for going to church, then stopping by Aunt Mary’s for coffee and a bun and teasing a cousin or getting a game of touch football going. Early supper, some music and time to read or play a board game with family members.

Okay, scratch that, I don’t believe our family ever played a board game that didn’t end with someone flinging the movable pieces across the room and closing the gameboard with a resounding THWACK as everyone quickly dispersed.

I’m trying to re-establish quieter Sundays in my home; it’s not easy, especially right now, when it’s autumn and the yard needs to be prepared for its winter sleep – work the teenagers do not really want to help with – and the family is so fragile and tired as we deal with one family member dying and another one newly (and surprisingly) passing on and being waked.

Maybe this Sunday, in order to foment quietness, I’ll just link you to some surprising and hopeful websites of surprising and hopeful new orders of enthusiastic young people choosing to consecrate their lives in service to Christ. For Catholics, it might be a nice shot in the arm, and for non-Catholics, a bit of a curiosity-satisfying field trip.

So, off we go, let’s visit with the extraordinarily fast-growing order of young Dominican school teachers The Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Click on the vocations part – they’re bursting at the seams.

Since I’m talking about quietness, this incredibly lovely site by the Benedictine Nuns of St Cecilias Abbey on the Isle of Wight is a visual and audio treat that suits the day and the mood. Turn up the speakers and enjoy their soothing chant as you tour this really gorgeous and apparently thriving abbey.

Have fun.

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