I fear the worst; the curse is reversed?

Please tell me I’m wrong.

Please tell me that A-Rod didn’t reverse the curse last night when he stupidly, disingenuously knocked the ball from the glove of Arroyo, and then pretended it was an accident.

I’m afraid he did. I’m afraid A-Rod, with that one act, has reversed the curse

While I hesitate to buy into baseball superstition (I am usually more in line with Bart Giamatti’s line that “Baseball breaks your heart; it’s designed to break your heart…”) I can’t help thinking that if there is a curse, part of its longevity has been due to the Yankee tradition of playing clean, of being gentlemanly (don’t talk to me about the Yankees of the 1970′s and early 1980′s; I know they were arrogant putzes, but Boston didn’t figure into anything back then, so it’s immaterial) – certainly since the arrival of Joe Torre and Derek Jeter, the Bombers have been a gentleman’s team.

Last night A-Rod, in a fit of enthusiasm or desperation or both, played a little dirty and tried to get away with it, and that was bad for the game, bad for the Yankees. Bad Karma.

Our biggest paycheck may have reversed the curse. If Boston wins at Yankee Stadium tonight it will be horrible. It will be like watching Al Qaeda dance in my living room – that’s how much I can’t stand the thought!

Oh, it’s gonna be bitter. The Yankees must win, tonight. I can’t deal with this eternal and miserable election season, and the situations in my family, AND watch the Boston Red Sox, the hairy, ugly, undisciplined, arrogant, hairy, expectorating, smarmy, hairy Red Sox win. They cannot defile my Stadium.

But I’m really afraid they might. And if they do, I blame A-Rod.

UPDATE: To all of your kind and thoughtful inquiries as to my brother, S. He is still doing what we’re coming to call the “slow fade”. We’ve looked into several hospices and expect it to be a matter of days before we make that move. There is a sense of inevitability to it, now…we’ve begun to wrap our heads around it. I cannot tell you how much your prayers mean to all of us. Thank you, all, and bless you.

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