I take it back!

I wrote earlier that my parents would be turning in their graves to know their daughter voted a straight Republican ticket this morning.

But now that I am reading about Democrats slashing tires of vans hired by the GOP to help GOTV…

now that I am reading about voting machines having votes on them before the polls opened (in Democrat districts)…

now that I am reading about Democrat dirty tricks in state after state – (Moveon.org inflitrating GOP phone banks, Dems using impersonators to fake a Schwartzkopf for Kerry tape…)

I realize my parents would NOT be turning in their graves. Rather, they’d be mortified beyond belief that their once-great party has descended to this. And they probably would have been mortified long beyond this election day. My parents – blue-collar Democrats who only voted Republican once – for Ike – would have turned their backs on THIS Democrat party, because although they were partisan, they were intellectually and morally honest. I don’t know if they would have voted a ‘straight ticket’ like me…but I am more and more convinced, with each “dirty trick” that my parents would be voting for President Bush and AGAINST this dishonest crap.

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