She’s banned baby, but it’s awright, it’s awright!

Received a few emails reporting that ldotters from were asking about Allegra and where she went.

Allegra was justifiably banned from because she was out of control and running amok at the site…she was like a 5 year old who had already written on all the walls and was eyeing the furniture. While she was not purposely hijacking the site – that’s kind of what the effect was.

I think Lucianne did the right thing in banning Allegra (and Allegra thinks so, too), because a blog is a very personal thing that becomes very much an extension of one’s “home”. When someone comes in and just plays havoc in the place – whether they mean to be rude or not – it’s time to restore order. One’s home is one’s home, after all.

I understand this even more so, lately, since one of the commenters at this site decided he owned the place and tried to slam a different blogger from this space. As Lucianne did with Allegra, so I did with him. A mature person will learn from it and admit that he or she was out of line. An unfettered ego will never figure it out. I am proud of Allegra. She figured it out. She has nothing bad to say about Lucianne or the site – still thinks it is a brave and necessary voice in this day of dubious media. And my understanding is, now that Kerry has actually BEEN on the November ballot, Allegra will be keeping her pledge. :-)

Allegra sends her love and thanks to all those Ldotters who remember her fondly, sings “Don’t Cry for Me, Ldotters” and sends her warmest regards to the Mama Bear, Ms. Lucianne, who is worthy of all honor and respect.

Now….let’s get back to praying…the election is wearing me out!

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