Keep the eyes on the prize…

Michele over at A Small Victory is thinking out loud about the danger of a too-cocky right wing falling in on itself as we see happening on the left. I share her concern. While I am repulsed by what I read from the more extreme elements of the left, who have clearly had way too much influence within the Democrat party, I am also enough of a “new” conservative to be leery of the extremists on the right, as well – and let’s face it, they exist. I am watching the right just as closely as the left, and wondering if some of the far-right aren’t in danger of overplaying their hand by asserting themselves too aggressively, too quickly. We shall see.

President Bush has won with a mandate, but we still have to LIVE with the 53 million who voted against him, and that can’t be done if extremists on either side are allowed too much power. Zealotry (I don’t mean enthusiasm but REAL, closed-minded, obsessive zealotry) on either end won’t serve the nation or our ideals.

It’s early. It’s natural to be excited, to be happy and celebratory, and those are good things. But when the next Harry Potter book comes out, if I have to take any guff from people telling me I’m a sinner for reading it with my usual glee, I’ll start to worry. (Hopefully by the time the next book comes out, I will have had a chance to write about just how deeply Christian and Eucharist the books are, at least by my lights.)

And by the way, just for the record, despite the rantings of Howard Dean and the extreme element on the left and in the press, more people did NOT vote against George W. Bush than against any president in the history of the nation. That dubious distinction went to his father, George H. W. Bush. The combined votes of Clinton and Perot supporters against him topped 60 million. Let’s just keep it honest, okay?

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