The Final Frontier

Frank Martin over at varifrank makes an excellent analogy between his Trekkie friends and the current Democrat meltdown. He also has a reasonable and healthy fear that a GOP in control of everything may be too much of a good thing. Like me, he wants to see the Democrats regain their sanity and their capacity to be a serious opposition party. We need it. Frank’s a terrific writer, enjoy.

And Carol Gould Read her. Read her.

And then, go here, and read Atlas and sit back in wonder as this enlightened, educated, sophisticated, so-called LIBERAL New Yorker betrays his ignorance, his unsophisticated herd-mentality (Oh, no! Michael Moore said there would be a draft! It MUST be so!) his narrow bigotry and his complete inability to THINK. Here is a hint Mr. Atlas: Our all – volunteer service people love their CIC. You only need a draft if people stop volunteering because they do not trust the CIC. Had Kerry been elected (and had he actually continued to fight terrorism) he very likely would have had to begin a draft, due to the drop in volunteers. W will not have that problem, and so your son, Will, who you clearly did not raise to consider serving the country in that manner, will be safe from conscription. And, because W has been re-elected, Will will likely be safe on the subways, too. Too bad you can’t believe me because although I live in your town I have the wrong alphabetical after my name. Too bad you don’t know who to thank for the last three years of safety in our very vulnerable town. I hope you grow up, soon, and stop quivering over the scare-food you’ve been imbibing. You have nothing to fear but your own fear. Stop it.

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