Props when they are due…

A pal who is connected to CBS is bemoaning that the right wing bloggers, so quick to castigate the network when they deserve it – and let’s face it, they often do – are never as quick to give a little praise when it may be appropriate. He wrote, “This is something I find annoying… They cannot wait to rip us apart when we go against their grain, but they never stop to call attention to things they approve of. Last night’s piece by David Martin on the wounded of Falluja healing at home, and getting thousands of dollars in financial help from Semper Fi, was a loving and respectful tribute to our men in uniform, and the people who love them. And a fitting prelude to Veterans Day. Were they all watching ‘LOST’?”

He may well have a point. I don’t watch much television at all (I had to ask him what “Lost” was) and did not see 60 Minutes so I have only his word to go on that the report was praiseworthy – but he’s a good guy and his word is usually gospel.

I suspect that the conservative bloggers simply didn’t see the thing – I know a lot of people who “boycott” CBS, these days – and so didn’t know the Fallujah soldiers were covered. It sounds like it was worth watching, and I’d appreciate feedback from any who did actually see it.

In the meantime, I wanted to pass on the information about Sempre Fi, which CBS did include in its report. It seems to me an excellent way to honor our veterans on Veteran’s Day might be to send them a little check! :-)

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
The injured Marine Semper Fi Fund provides financial grants and other resources to injured Marines, Sailors, and their families. The Fund works closely with the Marine Corps and military hospitals nationwide to identify and assess the needs of specific families. Its goal is to provide immediate and real financial assistance to Marines, Sailors and their families during this extraordinarily stressful time. The hope is that by alleviating the financial stresses of our brave Marines and Sailors, they and their families can focus on the important job of physical and emotional healing. Donations are accepted by check payable to the fund.
Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
825 College Blvd, Suite 102
PMB 609
Oceanside, CA 92057
Blogger Blondie (who has a real cute, irreverent site) was nice enough to supply the website, so you can donate there, too!

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