A roundup of good articles and sites

My mother used to make something called a dump cake; it consisted of a big can of fruit cocktail and a box of cakemix, all thrown together and baked, without much ceremony – it was no masterpiece of culinary art, but people seemed to enjoy it with a cup of coffee. With that in mind, I herewith throw together a cyber-equivalent of various articles and websites that I’ve been meaning to link to. Enjoy with coffee, or – if it is blustery by you, as it is by me, today – perhaps a wee toddy!

First up, thanks to Wolfgang Von Skeptic (one of the great blognames of the world), a fine writer who tends to embrace the controversial (with both hands) and who often stands conventional wisdom on its head. Read at your own risk! :-) He brought to my attention this excellent bit of advice to Democrats that reads like a solid block of chocolate logic with a chew-on-it Catholic center.

Then, go read A. Barton Hinckle (yes, that really is his name, and it’s a splendid match to the article) as he explains it all to us in: United Stupids of America:Bush Supporters Tried to Read Ballot but Their Lips Got Tired. Put the coffee, tea or toddy down, or have a napkin handy.

If you’re dieting and in the mood to feel mildly anxious in order to quench that appetite, then a visit with the boys and girls at snopes.com is in order. After starting off with a harrowing bit of news that Four Long Island (We’ll mall you to death!) malls have been terror-targeted for those Day-after-Thanksgiving sales, they’ll give you a bit of re-assurance…although perhaps not enough for some. I mostly shop online!

If you have not already read Jonah Goldberg’s really excellent, mildly angry exposition of outgoing AG John Ashcroft and the unforgivably shabby – not to mention adolescent – ways of the press and the Democratic leadership, go read it. Once again, the left did not cover itself in glory as regards this man and their oh-so-fabled “tolerance” and “compassion”.

Finally, my Trappist friend, Thom, sent this to me today, and I thought it was kinda nice. And, if you’re not dieting, you might want to check out the Monastery Fruitcake Soaked in Peach Brandy and Sherry. It’s fruitcake for people who hate fruitcake. Gets you so tight on the shinny, you just don’t care. I love to check out these contemplative lifestyles, particularly when I’m feeling hustled and bustled, myself. And to give the female trappists some exposure (and tempt you with their caramels which are – I swear on my thighbone – out of this world, and which make great Christmas gifts for the teachers, bus-drivers, crossing guards, hairstylists, etc.)

I told you, I mostly shop online…with good reason!

Onward to a bellylaugh of satire at the expense of our more paranoid friends. Enjoy. Have a great night.

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