Post -Election polling shows nation feeling re-assured

I’m not a fan of polls and I don’t fixate on them, but I figured, just this once…

The National Annenberg Election Survey has just been released, and it should make the president feel pretty good. Relieved, I think, that Election 2004 did not descend into a debacle on a scale of Election 2000 (although some are still hoping…) the nation feels a renewed sense of optimism about the president’s job performance and more upbeat about the direction in which we are headed. The report is worth poring over with a nice cuppa something good, but take a little peek here:

Interviews with 1,307 registered voters, conducted from November 3 through 11, showed that 47 percent of the public said the country was “generally going in the right direction,” while 46 percent said “things are seriously off on the wrong track.” The margin of sampling error was plus or minus three percentage points.

In polling of registered voters conducted just before the election, from October 25 through 31, just 40 percent had said right direction, while 53 percent said “wrong track.” Throughout the presidential campaign, the balance on this question was consistently negative, a finding that was widely believed to menace the president’s chances of re-election.

Approval of Bush’s handling of his job as president also turned upwards. In the October 25-31 polling, 49 percent approved and 49 percent disapproved. The post-election data showed 53 percent approving and 45 percent disapproving.

Moreover, while the pre-election data showed 49 percent with a favorable opinion of Bush and 42 percent with an unfavorable opinion, the post-election finding was a much more robust 55 percent favorable, 33 percent unfavorable.

Most of the change appeared to come from non-voters, although 30 percent of Kerry voters said they agreed, at least somewhat, with the idea that “George Bush will probably be a good president in his second term.”

One other major shift from pre-election data came in voters’ confidence about vote counting. In the October 25-31 polling, just 62 percent said they felt “very confident” that their votes would be counted accurately. Afterwards, 73 percent said they were very confident their votes had been properly counted. Eighty-six percent of Bush voters and 53 percent of Kerry voters said they were “very confident.”

27% of Kerry voters were ‘somewhat confident their votes were properly counted…when 80% of Kerry voters are pretty sure their votes were counted, I’d say the conspiracy-minded haven’t got much room to play games.

UPDATE: The link to the site is not direct due to I dunno what. Just click the ‘see press release’ button for the goods.

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