The Seduction is Complete

Having never paid much attention to Bass/Baritone arias – or tenor, for that matter – it has been a pleasant surprise to journey with my son as he studies voice and trains his basso profundo. It’s been a surprise for him, as well, since up until last year he was consumed solely with the Charlie Parker and the sax.

Currently he is learning two Handel arias, Si, tra i ceppi e le ritorte and But who may abide the day of his coming, from Messiah, both of which we have happily discovered, are performed by the impressive Welshman Bryn Terfel on this recording. I’d listened to bits and pieces over the week, but today I’ve had the chance to really hear it, and somewhere between the Terfel’s randy, lustful and artfully amusing O ruddier than the cherry and the sweetly tender ravishment of Where’er you walk, I just came undone and dropped the dishes I was putting away! Completely seduced! Who knew? I’m only halfway through the album and I’m breathless! Christmas is coming; if you’re looking for an idea for a music lover, this might be your ticket. Enjoy!

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