The Friends of Iraq Bloggers Challenge continues

It’s astonishing to think that in the course of only a few days (and with the Challenge not even “officially” begun) the Spirit of America Blogger Challenge has received over $20,000 for their excellent cause. I’m very pleased to see some Anchoress readers contributing – I knew you guys wouldn’t let my small donation sit there and be lonely! I knew you’d be generous! Some of the “teams” and alliances, and of course the much larger blogs have raised staggering amounts of money, and that’s just so impressive, and it says a lot about the “blogging community!”

As an Anchoress, of course, I must remain alone, so no teams for me! :-) If we break $100.00 though, I will be sure to give the tee-shirt and cap to a young woman in our neighborhood who has recently joined the Reserves! :-)

If anyone is looking to spread a little holiday cheer or get in a last-minute tax-deduction, you can still donate here!

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