Slimey Whispers

Why do Democrats do THIS?

It’s just wrong, and it’s inconsistent, too. If there is nothing wrong with being gay – and there isn’t – then why act like there IS something wrong with it, when it seems politically expedient to do so? The same people who would jump down your throat if you whispered that someone might be gay because, “there is nothing wrong with it, and you must be a homophobe for even thinking it” will start pssssting behind their hands if they think they can hurt someone with it. What hypocrisy. Cuomo did this a long time ago, too.

I expect the Democrats will next target Dr. Rice, that she will also have to listen to whispers or outright charges that because she has never married, she must be gay.

Because, as we all know…if you’re married you can’t be gay, right? Just ask Jim McGreevey.

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