Get Funny, Get Serious, Give Thanks and Rope-a-Dope

Coming in very late (or early in the AM, if we’re being sticklers) and too keyed up to head directly to bed, I find that while I have very limited time or freshness of mind for writing, I cannot help myself; before turning in, I must treat myself to the good writing and fine minds of so many excellent bloggers. Tonight, I found this, from Tracy A at Worship Naked

the crush
“Come,” says The Harvester.
“And see the olive, crushed for the purest oil.”

“Come,” He says again.
“And see the grape, crushed for the sweet wine.”

“Come,” says The Harvester, at last.
“And see the heart, crushed for the fine things inside.”

“Not for naught.”
“For the fineness inside.”

Tracy also relates a turn as Good Samaritan in a compelling two parter. She also shares a Jobian, but very funny trip to the Emergency Room. You’ll want to put the coffee down, first.

Since “funny stuff” is what I have been seeking out, I’m happy to direct you WuzzaDem who is channeling a maniacal Chris Matthews. Then head over to read Frank J’s sidesplitting thoughts on how George W. Bush might clean out the UN. Hint: It involves “beating” bats (as opposed to “playing” bats) and an angry rottweiller named Chomps.

On more inspirational or serious notes, take a chance to check out some blogs I plan to blogroll as soon as I dare to fool around with my template again. John Mark Reynolds, SueBobs Diary and (one for all of my teacher friends) Mike Austin. Also, scroll down at Wolfgang’s to read Conflicts Such as Gwydion Made. Just read it.

Dave Kopel is guestblogging over at I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, and he writes movingly about Judith and Hannukka.

I also want to once again thank Captain Ed at the blog I predict will win Best Conservative Blog in Whizbangs Blog Awards, Jim Geraghty at the daily must read, The Kerry Spot and dear Mrs Falconers Cabana Boy (one of the all-time great handles) and many of the fine folks I’ve blogrolled, for linking to my Letter to Mo Dowd. Aside from the appreciated spike in traffic, I shared your kind comments, prayers and generous thoughts with S, and it made him smile. Smiles are kind of rare these days, so I wanted you to know – the one we got today was thanks to all of you.

And I notice that our contibutions to the Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge continues to add up. Many thanks. I’m hoping for a list of contributors from Spirit of America, so I can thank you proper!

One last thought: I’ve read here and there that Senator Harry Reid, who is replacing Tom Daschle as the Senate Minority Leader has said he would support Antonin Scalia over Clarence Thomas as Chief Justice of the SCOTUS. Interesting. The Thomas/Hill debacle was the watershed moment for me, politically. Back then, I was a classical liberal and a Democrat, but the behavior of the press and the feminists (both of which I had ’til then admired) so disgusted me that the congressional hearings on Justice Thomas’ fitness for the court were the beginning of my re-positioning from left to right. Since then I’ve read many of Thomas’ speeches and some of his writing and I think he’s a much maligned man.

But I have to say, I think Reid has been rope-a-doped by the president on this issue. Dubya tends to play his cards very close to the vest, and I was rather surprised to read – a few weeks ago – that he was mentioning Thomas as Chief Justice. I think he was simply setting up a chess move: Mention Thomas (re whom the left will instinctively recoil in classic knee-jerk, reactionary fashion) and suddenly Scalia will look more tantalizing. For the Democrats and the press, there could be no more distasteful CJ of the SCOTUS than Clarence Thomas who is, like Dr. Condoleeza Rice, the “wrong sort” of African-American, the sort who might attract other African-Americans away from the party. Scalia, getting up there in years, is suddenly “brilliant” and more palatable.

Rope-a-doped. Oh, yeah.

Then again, it’s not like I’m thinking real deeply about this right now, or thinking about much of anything very deeply. I could be wrong.

Btw, as an aside to “Tae Diggs”: In the Sprit of Christmas, and because it would please my brother who could never, never, never stay mad at anyone, I’m declaring amnesty to the banned. But I’m not as saintly as S, so, you know…


I don’t mind an occasional pebble in my shoe. Rocks are another story.

Heading to bed.

And once more, seriously. Thanks.

UPDATE: Stuart Buck has more on the Harry Reid/Clarence Thomas issue here and here, and points out that even intellectually honest liberals are coming around to the fact that Thomas is both very smart and very consistant. But I suppose it’s easier to stick with a myth or a meme once you’ve got it established.

UPDATE II: I’ve never been much for Ann Coulter. She is whip-smart, certainly, and often makes a terrific point, but she’s just a little too over-the-top for my tastes, a bit too much bludgeon, not enough blush, but that’s just me; we all have our preferences. That said, she’s spot on this issue, and I’m happy to pass it on. One little excerpt:

On the Sean Hannity radio show, Democratic pundit Pat Halpin defended Sen. Reid’s laughable attack on Thomas by citing Bob Woodward’s book “The Brethren,” which – according to Halpin – vividly portrays Thomas as a n

I return to my standing point that liberals don’t read. Harry Reid clearly hasn’t read any of the decisions Justice Thomas has written, and Pat Halpin clearly hasn’t read “The Brethren.”

“The Brethren” came out a decade before Thomas was even nominated to the Supreme Court. The only black Supreme Court justice discussed in “The Brethren” is Thurgood Marshall. That’s one we haven’t heard in a while: I just can’t tell you guys apart.

How many black justices have there been on the Supreme Court again? Oh yes: two. It’s one thing to confuse Potter Stewart with Lewis Powell. After all, there have been a lot of white guys on the court. But there have been only two black justices – and Democrats can’t keep them straight. Two! That’s like getting your mother and father confused. I can name every black guy on a current National Hockey League roster: Is it asking Democrats too much to remember the names of the only two black Supreme Court justices?

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