A Warrior Monk

Wonderful story.

Marine Lance Cpl. June N. Ramos was preparing for a quiet and rather anonymous life of a Benedictine Monk at this monastery when he felt called to another sort of service.

The hospital in Baghdad where Ramos recovered from the bomb blast in October had a special hallway reserved for insurgents who had been wounded and were being patched up by military doctors. Ramos said he was angry, hurt, in pain, but he decided to walk down that hallway.

“God told me not to be angry, ” Ramos said. “I pretty much quoted what Jesus said on the cross. I prayed that they would know the real presence of God, that God would guard them and protect them.”

He came back to his unit about two weeks ago, a man who had forgiven and was ready to fight again, Ramos said. He would not dream of being anyplace else.

Thanks to Professor Bainbridge.

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