Exit Mr. Kerik, Enter…?


I wanted this appointment to happen.

Kerik says there is an immigration problem with a nanny. Maybe. That would certainly be problematic for a man in charge of Homeland Security, with illegal immigrants being part and parcel of the issue. The Democrats in congress, remembering Clinton AG nominee Kimba Wood would have had a field day with it.

I suspect there might be more, though. Certainly we saw a co-ordinated effort yesterday in the press to bring Kerik down, knowing it would taint Giuliani by association.

Who knew it would happen so quickly.

Can’t comment intelligently until more is known. But I’m disappointed. And more and more I wonder if anyone who has ever lived your basic complicated life would be willing to volunteer for public office. Who needs the intense scrutiny and intrusion of a relentlessly “curious” press into one’s life?

Although, oddly enough, that wasn’t really an issue for John Kerry, was it? The press was monumentally incurious about him.

Sigh. As Shirley Jackson wrote: “There has always been a lottery.”

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