To whom much is given, SOMETHING is expected

I hadn’t planned on writing about Maureen Dowd again, but I just have to say this: Had I the valuable spot of journalistic real estate she possesses, I hope I would do everything I could to use that space to inform, instruct, admonish and (at my best) uplift. I believe I would try always to edify my profession, my background and yes, even my ideology. To do less would be so wasteful, and so embarrassing.

I would not phone in such pernicious drivel as this unwitty, childish “parody” that would not have made my high school newspaper.

As I said last week, I feel bad for Ms. Dowd. She has been given a gift, and she honors it not by treating her skills and her subjects with respect, but by tossing both into a steaming pile of vomit and calling it “good enough.” Her scathing, bottomless, self-gratifying hate is robbing her of her past-excellent reasoning skills, and her usefully sardonic eye. This column is blather, well beneath the reputation of the fabled Grey Lady, and I’m surprised it ran. Okay, I’m not surprised, not lately. But it is disappointing and sad to watch this woman’s downward spiral. I really hope someone tosses her a rope and helps her out of the abyss into which she seems determined to descend.

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