Captain Ed nails John Kerry’s motives

Please be sure to read Captains Quarters Blog excellent post, Slouching Towards Florida 2000 wherein the good Captain manages to articulate in succinct, pithy fashion exactly what the rest of us have been intuiting but not quite managing to articulate:

…these new requests attempt in a cowardly, passive-aggressive way to create a demand for a full recount and a withdrawal of Kerry’s concession. What they want is Ohio to rise up and do what Kerry himself is apparently too much of a chicken to do himself.

So far, Ohio has responded with a yawn, so Kerry’s lawyers keep requesting more and more provocative measures to garner headlines and create more controversy — hoping that controversy will generate pressure to re-open the entire Ohio vote count. Failing that, Kerry wants to delegitimize Bush’s victory in the Buckeye state and start yet another stolen-election mythology. Why? Kerry has made no secret of his desire to run again in 2008, but running as the man who lost a winnable election doesn’t give him much hope for the next one. On the other hand, running as the man from whom Bush stole an election allows Kerry to focus on revenge instead of his own gaping inadequacies as a candidate. It also allows Democrats the same myopia about their party.

Is there any wonder the Captain has the best conservative blog around? :-)

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