A cheer for Blogspotters! They’re little but mighty!

Mystery Achievement has a string of really good, thoughtful posts. I’ve been meaning to link to him for a few days. Just keep scrolling.

Ditto: Darn Floor (he has a link to A Golden Eagle Eye View) and Cartago Delenda Est. All three of these sites have really had some wonderful posts and links. Cartago also has quite a lot of writing and photos that might interest you if you like to fly. Check them out.

Oh, and also, don’t forget to check out Cuanas (a very smart blog) and Stones Cry Out and A Wandering Confluence and the very clever Pajama Pack.

I was only going to link to the first three, but all of these sites are worth paying a visit, as I do, daily! For that matter, everyone on my blogroll has something good to read, most days!

Oops, one more The Last Amazon has a really wonderful post on the Iraqi blogger challange – also worth reading!

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