Wait, we’re really not liberal! We’re just like you! Wink, wink.

Can’t help but notice what appears to be a co-ordinated effort by liberal folks to sidle up to the red staters and say, “psssst, lissen, we’re not so bad! We’re not as liberal as you think! We’ve got kids! We’ve got the same values as you!”

There were a few yesterday that I didn’t get to blog and have since forgotten, but today I note this one and this one. (Hattip: Lucianne.com.)

See? They’re just like us conservatives! They’re simply, as the second writer states, “The GOOD Kind of Conservatives.”

What is a “Good” Conservative? From what I can tell, it’s someone who is raising a family but dislikes the president and the war, is “uncomfortable” with abortion but would never, never, never dare to impose that value on another, “I don’t tell others what to do,” sniffs the “Good Conservative.”

Except of course if he is lecturing those bad, “mouth-foaming Conservatives.” (Do they HEAR themselves at all? Apparently not.)

Oh, and up until the election (and for weeks thereafter) they were deriding ALL conservatives as bigots, homophobes, holy-roller goobers, idiots, ineducable morons…you get the picture.

Clearly the word has gone out from On Liberal High and the blue-state press-folk are being told to find some way to get included on the “moral values” bandwagon in order to start redefining what was rather nebulously defined on election day. “Let’s have a makeover. I’m a liberal, but I’m basically a conservative, just like all you folks in those flyover places, and if only you’d think as I think, why those teensy-weensy differences between us would disappear, and you’d be enlightened, too!”


I saved the best for last, though. Understanding that the left has painted themselves in a corner by using the “all abortion is good abortion” brush, they’ve sent out no less an luminary than the WaPo’s
Richard Cohen to write, “Over the years the so-called right-to-life movement has changed some minds, mine among them, I am quick to say. This is especially the case with late-term abortion, which in some cases has been not too unfairly packaged for propaganda reasons as “partial-birth abortion.”

Sorry, Richard, I cannot help but notice the codes in that little blurb. The “so-called” right-to-life movement? How come the other side is never the “so-called” pro-choice movement? Partial-birth abortion has been so named for “propaganda reasons?” How about it’s been so named because the baby is PARTIALLY BORN before its little skull is pierced and its brains are vacuumed out? Propaganda, eh?

I’m sorry, not buying. I would like to take him at his word, but clearly Cohen is writing what he thinks moderate middle America wants to hear. He seems not to understand that while we read his bone-toss to the right, we can SEE him smugly winking and nodding his head at the left. “Just leave these bumpkins to me; I’ll have them eating out of our hands.”

Further on, Cohen writes: “Let the GOP become the bastion of know-it-alls and zealots. Let it take its opposition to abortion into the corner where it is finding itself — against even stem cell research and hospitable to extremists who would, if they could, execute physicians who perform abortions.”

I’d say both sides of the political spectrum have their shares of “know-it-alls and zealots,” and t’was ever thus. And ummm, if there are some misguided conservatives who want to kill abortionists, well, I can point to scores on the left who would say equally stupid things about killing people on the right, so let’s call the extremists a draw, shall we?

The only people “in a corner” on abortion, as far as I can tell, are the Democrats – I know lots of pro-choice Republicans. And as long as Cohen absolutely refuses to tell the truth about the Republican stance on stem cell research, what is the point of any of this? If he cannot at least be honest enough to admit the truth as to the GOP position on stem cells, why in heaven’s name should we believe him about any of this?

Once more with feeling, and for the record: The Republicans and the president are not “against” stem cell research. While they do not support public funding of new lines of embryonic stem cell research, they aren’t stopping the private sector from investing in such research, and the GOP is completely on board with research on stem cells harvested from umbilical cords, blood, fat, placenta, nasal cavities, etc. Stop lying. Just stop it.

We’ll save the whole argument about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of embryonic stem cell research (there have been horror stories about these malleable stem cells with regards to Parkinson’s Disease, and some wonderful stories about real successes with adult stem cells) for another time. Right now it would be a step in the right direction, if folks like Cohen (who uses one side of his mouth to convince middle America he shares their values, and the other side to signal to the left that he’s still their boy) would simply repeat their opponants positions back to them with clarity and accuracy.

Is that really too much to ask? As long as it is, I’m afraid I simply don’t believe these folks. They doth protest too much.

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