Bernieeee! You got some ‘splainin’ to do!

As you and several thousand others know, thanks to my big mouth (and much-appreciated attention from Instapundit) I was very quick – too quick…hasty, even – in predicting that Bernard Kerik would be Bush’s pick for the Homeland Security spot.

I was right, clearly, and revelled in my prophecy (ah, pride lays another good woman low…)…but in my post I made it a point to call Kerik a “good, good man.”

Not simply a “good” man, egad, but a “good, good” man. I gave Bernie a doubleplus good endorsement! I hardly give anyone that, beyond my husband.

Good thing my face is turned away, or you’d see the egg all over it.

Okay, in fairness, I had every reason to believe Kerik would be a capable Sec’y of Homeland Security. But once again, we learn the important lesson that a public servant, no matter how capable, is expected to have some private integrity. We wanted it in President Clinton, and we want it in President Bush, and we certainly want it in our Homeland Security Cheif.

I won’t mention how dreary it is to see the same people who found nothing wrong with Bill Clinton’s lack of private morals now doing the “shocked, shocked” thing about Kerik. And it’s not even worth detailing how the NY Times and others – always at the service of Mrs. Clinton and her aspirations – are attempting to use the Kerik mess to taint Rudy Giuliani, and soften his support. We all know that a Clinton/Giuliani match is in the cards, and Kerik has provided the Clinton side with a bit of a political shiv, that needs only to be kept sharp, or so they think (four years is a long time to sharpen the blade…it will likely get worn away, quickly).

What was Kerik thinking, agreeing to undertake all that scrutiny…with all that rattling in his closet?

One can only imagine that he, like Clinton, has so compartmentalized himself in his life, that he did not believe the private acts and the public would ever touch each other. This sort of detachment is always troublesome, and cause for worry. People who find themselves thrust into national prominence, no matter whether it’s political or because they’ve got a hit record, must always guard against believing their own hype. Once your feet leave the ground, you’re guaranteed to get lost.

So, I acknowledge that Kerik was not a “good, good” man. And he’s getting a well-deserved spanking from Rudy, too.

This was an opening salvo, though – a shot across the bow – from the liberal press to Giuliani, make no mistake about it: If you’re going to run against Hillary Clinton in ’08, we’re going to take out your henchmen, one-by-one.

Gonna be an interesting four years.

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